What's on my CD changer at the moment

When I work, I'm almost always in my office with headphones on.  Here's what I'm currently listening to:

WASP: Helldorado

My first WASP album.  I love it!  Raw, rock'n'roll with an unbelievable guitar sound.   "Helldorado" and the "Hot Rods To Hell" reprise have to be in my top 20 songs of all time.  After listening to "Headless Children" and "Unholy Terror", I realized that this album isn't quite so slickly produced.  This album still kicks butt over most albums, production-wise, but the other WASP albums are just incredibly well done.

Bush: Sixteen Stone

One of the few bands from the 90's (other than Monster Magnet) that I can get into.  This is a reasonable album, but not one of my "desert island CDs."  I do like the song "Machine Head" fairly well.

Monster Magnet: Spine Of God

This could be a really good album, but the production quality suffers.  There's almost no treble, and it's kind of sludgey.  (I know, some people prefer the old MM sound.)  Magnet did a huge leap forward sound-wise with their next album (Dopes to Infinity).

Motorhead: Ace Of Spades

A classic.  Lemmy has such a great way with words.  No pretension either.  The guitar sound is fabulous.   Besides the obvious "Ace Of Spades", I love "Shoot You In The Back".  This is a reissue, so it's got some decent bonus tracks with Girlschool.

Metallica: Garage Inc. (disk 1)

I'm not a huge fan of the older Metallica, so this disk isn't one I particularly love.  However, I do like the three Motorhead covers.

Prior batch of CDs:

Monster Magnet: Dopes to Infinity

This album only improves with age.  Not originally my favorite Magnet album, since my first Magnet album was Powertrip, which is of my top five albums of all time.  I really liked Teenage Negasonic Warhead from the beginning though.  Repeated listenings reinforce the raw power of the grooves that Dave & the boys get into.


Slash's Snakepit: Ain't Life Grand

This is a flat out fabulous albums that rocks!  It took me 4 or five listenings before getting into this album, but once I did, look out!  Surprisingly diverse.  "Mean Bone" and "Serial Killer" have awesome grooves that I just don't get tired of.  If you're waiting for the original lineup of Guns 'n' Roses to reappear, get this album!   Slash is one of the few guitar gods left who knows how to do the blues thing, and isn't coasting.


Monster Magnet: God Says No

I knew this one kicked butt from the moment it hit the CD player.  Although not as commercially successful as Powertip, it's just as heavy, IMO.   A little close to Dopes to Infinity than to Powertrip.  Love the inclusion of "Silver Future".


Buckcherry:  Time Bomb

Definitely better than their first album, and I really liked their first album.  I only vaguely see the AC/DC connection.  Everybody else says "They sound just like AC/DC".  But perhaps it's because I have every AC/DC album, and know their sound intimately.  Buckcherry definitely has its own sound, but I'll concede that Joshua Todd is in the Bon Scott mold.  I saw Buckcherry opening for AC/DC, and they were awesome!


Metallica: Garage Inc. (disk 1)

I came to Metallica fair recently, so I'm not biased by all the "They don't sound like they used to" sentiment.   This disk is a mixed bag.  I like "Turn the Page", "Loverman" (love the false ending!), Astronomy, and "Whiskey in The Jar".  Some of the other songs I'd gladly do without.