Here's just a few photos from my collection.  No particular order, rhyme, or reason.

Charles Petzold, Doug Boling, and Neil Rubenking at Ford's Theatre in Washington D.C.  Personally, I think Doug did it

My sister and John Robbins can hardly contain their enthusiasm for sightseeing in Bonn, Germany.

John Robbins also had a bit of problem getting off the train in time in Bonn.

John and Pam Robbins at their home in rural New Hampshire

(Actually, this is outside Davos, Switzerland)

(Left to right) Doug Boling, Peter DeBetta, Kristen, John Robbins (in green), Chris Sells (sitting), Brent Rector (headband), Jeff Prosise

WinSummit Conference, Davos, Switzerland, Oct. 2000.

I'm going to miss somebody, I know it.  But here goes, left to right:

Dino Esposito,
Jason Clark (green jacket)
Peter DeBetta (yellow)
Keith Brown (headband, blue jacket)
Brent Rector (headband, tan jacket)
John Robbins
Pam Robbins
Chris Sells (in back)
Jeff Prosise (red jacket)
Doug boling

Davos, Switzerland, Oct. 2000.  Getting ready for a speaker dinner.  We don't normally hang out on the front steps of hotels for fun.

Some of the original BoundsChecker 3.0-5.0 team:  Berni McCoy, Matt Pietrek, Jim Austin, John Robbins.  This is in the
kitchen of my house.

My friend, Reed Mangino, and my former manager at NuMega, Ed Sullivan.  Ed has authored a book on project management for Microsoft Press.


So... Chris Sells finally makes it to the east coast, and I invite Chris and Don Box over to my house for a few hours.  What does Chris
want to do?  Tour the estate?  Check out the 54" bigscreen?  Perhaps  lounge on the couch and be fed grapes?  Nope.  Chris wants
to hack Microsoft's screensaver library.  His C++ destructors arent' getting called, and we all well know how Chris feels about
deterministic finalization.  I ended up writing a little stub in x86 assembler to fool the linker into letting us bypass Microsoft's goofed
up CRT init/shutdown code.

Some people will just pull up a chair, and start reading anywhere.  Don Box waiting for Chris Sells and I to finish hacking the
screensaver library.

Success!  Don Box, Chris Sells and myself after successfully hacking the screensaver.  This is in front of my house, before
we headed out for a dinner with Tim Ewald and some other Developmentor people.  It was blazingly hot that day.  Why
Chris wasn't wearing shorts is beyond me.  We know he doesn't have a problem with public nudity.

Me, working hard at WinSummit 2001 in Davos, Switzerland.  Charles Petzold is in the background, on the left.

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