"Windows 95 System Programming Secrets" Updated Code


Windows 95 System Programming Secrets is out of print. (Not my fault, complain to the folks at IDG Books).

As a service to people who can't purchase the book, I've made updated code available. This code includes all of the original disk content, along with updated versions and code for PEDUMP and APISPY32.

PEDUMP has had extensive improvements. It dumps more information, including several types of resources.

APISPY32 now works on programs where the IAT has been merged with some other section (Microsoft programs often do this.) Like the original APISPY32, this version only monitors calls from the main EXE.  Other than that, I haven't made any changes.  In my tests, it does work with Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 98.

Best of all, the code is now free!  Check out my downloads page.